​​Types of Psychic Readings

Types of Psychic Readings

Have you got a question burning inside you about yourself, your future, past or even about someone else that might no longer be with us? There are some questions that we think are impossible to be answered, but seeing a psychic at Psychic Services Fairfax VA can help to change your mind. Our psychics can help assist you in finding answers deep within yourself, and even contacting people within the spirit realm that you may wish to speak with. Our psychic and horoscope readings aim to help you find peace within yourself, doing our best to answer the questions keeping you up at night.

Psychic Readings
Some people are naturally connected with their souls, being able to listen and feel what your subconscious is telling you, others may need help to connect with their inner self. Our psychics connect with your soul and get a feeling for what is going on. They interpret these feelings into more tangible concepts and translate them for you, so you can have a direct line of connection to your inner self. Your subconscious spends a lot of time trying to talk to you, through dreams, feelings, and emotions, Psychics are able to witness this communication and put it into real terms for you.

Without us knowing, we are surrounded by spiritual presences, the spirits of our loved ones are all around us. Sometimes these spirits have messages for us, trying to communicate something important for you to know, whether it’s a message of warning, support or information they think you are better to know. Our mediums can help you connect with these spirits, acting as the link between the living and the afterlife, allowing messages and feelings to be sent back and forth. If you have a loved one that you want to contact for the purposes of finding closure, asking for advice or simply wanting to know they are ok and at peace, contact us to organize a session with our mediums.

Group Readings
A fun, helpful and informative activity is to get a group reading performed by a psychic. Sometimes being surrounded by the right energy from our friends and family can bring the best out of us, allowing certain energies to show through and be noticed by a psychic. A psychic can read the feeling of the room, helping alleviate any tensions that may exist within the group and help them become more at peace with one another. Our group psychic aren’t a deeply serious event and can be a lot of fun for the whole group as you learn more about each other.

Clairvoyants can often be confused and be put into the same category as a psychic, but they are subtly different. A psychic that also has the gift of clairvoyance is able to “see” through an external sense that is more spiritual than our traditional senses. They are able to look ahead or behind in time and space to be able to gain information about a location, person or object. This can help you to gain information about your past or even your future, helping to guide you in the right direction through life. Our clairvoyants can help you to answer those questions that are otherwise impossible to answer.


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