​​Tarot Card Online Reading

Tarot Card Online Reading

Tarot is a form of spiritual guidance that comes from using a deck of cards, there are 78 cards in total; 22 Arcana cards that signify psychic and karmic lessons, the remaining 56 signify our daily life experiences. These cards are used to help provide insight, direction, and relief to those that need some spiritual guidance through their lives. Tarot readers channel your energy into the deck, asking you questions related to your life that the Tarot cards help you find answers for. This is a service that your energy guides, you can bring a topic to the session to help you find clarity and guidance.

Tarot readings can appeal to all types of people from a range of walks of life. It is used to help provide insight around a theme set by the person being read, these themes can include business, relationships, career, finance, family & friends, or just a general overview to help you gain clarity from your life and your life’s direction. The tarot readers at Psychic Services Fairfax VA will use your questions to help guide the session, channeling your energy into the deck and helping you get much-needed answers, so you can feel more confident in your relationship or perhaps guide you to making a better business decision.

Our consultations are one on one between you and one of our readers, they discuss with you about what you are looking for guidance on and can help you get the most out of your session, simply discuss your topic with your selected reader and they will help guide you through the process. We provide different session times so that you can have a quick session to discuss a small aspect of your life that may be causing you difficulty, or engage in a longer tarot card reading session if you have some complex difficulties you need to work through.

Our readers connect with you and help you relax into a more open state so that you can get the most out of the session and answer your questions as clearly as possible. It’s important to be in a calm state of mind when you start your session, we encourage our customers to prepare for a reading by relaxing as much as possible beforehand. Preparing questions ahead of time is a good way to help you get the answers you need, but occasionally the reading can turn to focus on certain aspects of your life. If you have a lot to work through, make sure you select a longer session as you won’t benefit if you are rushing through a session.

Tarot Readers
The power of tarot comes from the cards themselves, but having an open-minded, spiritual guide reading them can help you interpret the meaning of the cards that are drawn. Our readers have all been trained to be open-minded, knowing the interpretations of tarot cards and helping you apply them to your situation. They won’t give you direct answers but will offer suggestions that help you gain an understanding of the message the Tarot cards are sending you. Our readers help you get into the best state of mind to receive these messages if you’re overly anxious or distracted you won’t be getting what you need from the reading.


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