​​Aura Reading

Aura Reading

Your body has a field of energy surrounding it that reflects the balance within you, this aura is able to be read and interpreted, helping you understand the different aspects of your energy as it relates to your body. With an aura reading, we are able to better understand how the energy is moving around your body and explain to you the areas in your life and your spirituality that need improvement. With a quick scan of your body, we can understand how the energy in your aura is moving and can help cleanse any bad energy areas.

Aura Photography
The aura around your body depicts the energies that reflect your emotions, and thoughts when visualized we are able to read these energies and decipher them. We can use special cameras that help to capture the image of this aura, making it easier to visualize and describe to you. Our cameras capture a high-resolution image of your aura that our interpreters use to accurately describe your aura, explaining to you the meaning of the different colors and their location. Once the image has been captured it can begin to be interpreted for you so that you can start to take actions on the information hidden within the image.

The auras that exist around your body are visual representations of the 7 chakras that exist within your body. These chakras represent different states of your being, from your mind and body to your soul and spirit. The different colors will show the strength of each chakra point, which when properly interpreted can serve to tell you what aspects of your life are thriving and which areas need improvement. Our interpreters have been trained to correctly identify aura information and translate that to you in a way that you are able to turn into actionable steps in your life.

The aura around your body is a magnetic field that contains your energy that emanates from your chakra points. If foreign energy and negative vibrations get trapped in this magnetic field it can start to affect your chakras, pushing them out of balance and starting to throw off your mind, body, and soul. If you have an aura with foreign vibrations and energy stuck in it, we can help clear it for you. There are many different methods for removing the negative vibrations from your magnetic field, using different methods including mental cleansing, combing your aura and smudging your aura.

Wellness Plan
Keeping your aura in check is important to keep your whole body in balance. Having a healthy aura helps to keep your internal chakra thriving and balanced, flowing healthy energy through you and helping you stay focused and clear through life. After studying your aura our professionals can work with you to clear any unwanted energy stuck in your magnetic field and develop a wellness plan that can not only help you to improve your inner balance but to prevent negative energies once again entering your aura and causing magnetic interruptions. Your wellness plan can involve specific cleaning meditations, diets, and supplements that will help improve the health of your aura.


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