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Keeping our body happy and healthy can make a huge difference in our quality of life, but so many people tend to neglect their spiritual bodies that need just as much attention to keep us balanced and healthy.

​The state of your spiritual and subconscious self has a profound effect on our physical wellbeing, as we are in a symbiotic relationship with all aspects of our existence. Keep in touch with your spirituality by having your chakra checked and aligned, your aura checked and having a psychic reading done.
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Psychic Services Fairfax VA has built a name as Fairfax’s leading psychic  reading service, offering services to connect with your own spirituality and others. Our professional team have passed psychic reading ability tests and handle every case with patience, discretion, and understanding.

We know that employing a psychic reading service can be confronting for some, but we endeavor to make you feel as comfortable as possible while we help you understand what is going on with your spirituality.


There are so many aspects to your life that most people aren’t even aware of, it can be easy to pay attention to the body and mind but so often we neglect our spirit and soul, not realizing how important their role plays within our lives. We offer psychic reading services to cover all your spiritual and soul needs, including angel readings, astral communication, psychic reading, free fertility and even past life reading. Having a comfortable environment to discuss your spirituality is important if you want to work on yourself, which is why we offer our services both in house and online pscyhic reading. 

Types of Psychic Readings

​Types of Psychic Reading

A psychic reading can provide you invaluable information and insight, connecting with your inner soul and finding out answers to questions you didn’t even have yet. They can also help you to communicate with loved and lost ones, helping you to gain closure or just wish a loved one well in their spiritual journey. Our psychic reading experts can use their third eye to get in touch with those you need.

Horoscope Reading

​Horoscope Reading

Your birth month has a huge meaning within your life, it helps to define your personality trait through zodiac star signs and can help you navigate your way through life. As the solar system moves and interacts with the star’s energy around it, this has an effect on us within our lives, providing different types of energies that influence the way we live our lives. Daily psychic reading horoscopes can help us to predict these patterns and even prepare for these events before they even happen.
Aura Reading

​Aura Reading

Your aura helps to depict the energy being released by your 7 chakra points and shows how they interact with each other. If you are out of alignment internally, an aura reading can help to identify the site of the problem and with the help of our interpreters, we can use healing techniques to help restore the energy balance within your body.

"I felt like life was getting ahead of me and I couldn't keep up, things kept happening that I wasn't expecting and I was getting more depressed and lost. I thought I would get my horoscope read to me. Psychic Services Fairfax VA helped me to understand what was happening within my life, I even used their online tarot card reading and psychic reading to help me in some decision making." ​- Tom S.

Tarot Reading

"I was starting to feel a bit lost in life, I had everything I needed and had been working really hard in my career and personal life but something just felt wrong. I visited Psychic Services Fairfax VA and they understood everything I was telling them. They checked my chakra alignment and did some psychic reading and found it was completely out of balance. Once they did some healing I instantly started feeling better." – Sharna D.

Palm Reading

"My Grandmother passed away recently and I felt like she and I had unfinished business. I was starting to feel like she was spending time around me so I decided to find a clairvoyant to get a psychic reading done. I went to see Psychic Services Fairfax VA and met with a clairvoyant that helped me get in touch with my Grandmother. Being able to communicate with her has brought me a lot of peace." – Mary S.

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​​Chakra Alignment

Your chakras are responsible for the flow of energy through your body, you have 7 main points that control different aspects of your life, and when these points get blocked they can wreak havoc through your life, affecting your mood, attention span, and even social skills. Have your chakra checked, cleansed and aligned to ensure you are running at your best and your inner self is aligned.

Chakra Alignment

​Tarot Card Online Reading

Life is full of questions, but unfortunately, it’s not always full of answers. Like psychic reading tarot reading seek to give you answers to the questions in your life, a psychic reading will help guide you through the process and towards getting the answers you need to live your life at your best. These questions can be about anything in your life, and the tarot cards will give you an answer, whether you’re happy with the answer or not is up to you!

Tarot Card Online Reading

​Dream Interpretation

Your subconscious is constantly trying to talk to you, telling you about your life and your decisions, but being able to hear what it’s saying is a different story. Psychic reading advice can help you interpret your dreams and gain a clear understanding of what your subconscious is trying to communicate to you.

Dream Interpretation

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If you’ve wondered how energy healing and psychic reading works, how to be an energy healer, how to clear a house of spirits or just how to find your lucky number, its time you sought psychic reading advice from Psychic Services Fairfax VA. We can help you with all your spiritual questions, helping you with future readings, love numbers and our psychics can use healing techniques like the use of crystals to help you find inner peace. Head to our contact page to discuss topics like the difference between horoscope vs astrology or to book in one of our services.

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